Big Things Happen to Those Who Dream>>>>

Big Things Happen to Those Who Dream…

Big things happen to those who dream……. and act on it! Those who live on purpose see so many things happen versus those who only entertain wishful thinking. One who participates in “wishful thinking” often experience no progress, not because what they are thinking may be wrong or impossible or even unimaginable but because some have never truly acted upon their biggest dreams and visions. So therefore, a lot of times, “time” has only been wasted with wishful thinking.

However, those who dream and catch hold of the vision that God has given them are ultimately elevated to higher heights in life and are more fulfilled and satisfied. Did you know that dreams make your life worth living? According to financial expert Catherine Alford, there are at least 11 reasons why it is important to pursue your dreams; the first one being…”It makes life worth living”. Being a person, who has always had dreams and aspirations even as a small child, I suffered so much as an adult (mentally and spiritually) because I was always felt as if I wasn’t living my best life by not being authentically me. Whether, it be from having children early or being in relationships that took up my time (but did not add to my value) or working a job in a field that I hated but needed because of certain situations. So, I ended up accepting less than what I deserved. It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to “live on purpose” is when my life changed. I no longer wanted to be a victim of my own mediocre decisions, I wanted all that God had and purposed for me and I knew that I could no longer remain in my “then” current circumstances. I needed to live my dreams and to do that, I had to make some sacrifices.

Making sacrifices is no easy feat but they are so important. In order to achieve great success, I had to get rid of certain relationships, bow out of certain jobs gracefully and begin to turn my life around by pursuing my dreams. I began to live by the scripture: Habakkuk 2:2 which states….”write the vision and make it plain”. I begin to write down my dreams and aspirations, one by one and one by one, I picked up my faith and begin to pursue them. I begin to do my research about the career fields that I wanted to enter in, create innovative ways on how to establish a budget to get the job done, make connections with the right people…in the right fields of expertise I needed and most of all I begin to pray steadfastly. I kept my eyes before the Lord to ensure that he would direct my paths because I so desperately wanted my dreams but more important than that, I wanted my dreams the right way. There will be more in-depth details about my personal journey in my book. But until then, I want you to be inspired to never be afraid to dream. Dream your biggest dream and act on it now! Do the research and Live! God bless.

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